I'm Harley. I drink a lot of coffee, play a lot of WoW, make pretty arts. I'm also a fine arts major.
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Hey, guys. This is my cat Paul.

He ran away from home.

Recently, my husband moved up to Wisconsin for work, and took my cat with him. The other night, he ran out while the door was open, and ran off into the woods.

There’s been no sign of him.

Please, spread this. If you live in the Mukwonago area, keep an eye out for him. He’s a large male orange tabby, and will answer to the sound of his name. He also goes crazy for cat treats (I’ve trained him to stand up for them.)

If you see him, call the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha at (262) 542-8851. You can also drop me a message, too.

Please boost this, if you or any of your followers live in the Mukwonago/Waukesha area.

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Here are two pictures of me.

The first picture is from college (for some reason I dyed my hair a different color red than my natural color) and I think this picture was taken about 4 or 5 years ago.

The second picture is recent. In both pictures I am binding.

Take a look at my facial expressions in these pictures.

In the first image, I remember setting up a camera and trying to look tough and/or masculine. I wore the binder inside my house only and was too afraid to go outside wearing it, I was afraid to admit my gender identity to anyone, including myself. It was a hard time for gendery feels.

In the second picture, I am happy. I’m making pancakes for my partner, I am more comfortable in my own skin. I see ME here, not a scared younger person. I’ve created my own masculinity and I am becoming more open to my gender exploration.

I want to share this because I want all the scared kids to know that it’s okay to be you. Here are some words:

A) You are allowed to have the feelings you have. You are a human and this is allowed. Even though it is hard, try not to feel guilty or ashamed.

B) I acknowledge that it sometimes can be really tough. Gender is hard. I would tell my scared old self this. I would tell them that it is a rough path but coming out on the other side of this fear is the most beautiful thing.

C) You’re wonderful. Look at yourself this way. Try to see yourself as the super amazing person that you are. Be you honestly with those you feel safe with. Those people can be on the internet if it’s hard to find them off of the net at the moment. You are a beautiful human being.

I cannot say that I’m perfect, I cannot say that I am not still scared at times. What I can say is that I have learned how to become accepting of myself, I have learned that there are so many things to love about me, and yes, my gender.

Your gender identity is great. Your gender can be whatever it is (binary or not, male or female or both or neither, or anything else) and that is okay. People who say otherwise are full of bull and their opinion of you is not worth your or anyone else’s time.


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A Teen Tried To Take A Selfie Right In Front Of A Passing Train. The Engineer Had Other Ideas.

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Ugh. *hugs if wanted*

*all the hugs* It is appreciated. <3

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Eugh, this sounds like such a clusterfuck paired with IC cyber shenanigans. :|

Everyone I have actual storyline with understands what crap I’m going through. But for some reason this particular person can’t get it through his thick skull.

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Wow, that’s so rude.

It really, really is. And doesn’t do anything to actually help my stress levels. Peachy, huh?

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*hugs* Fuck them! Your IRL problems are important, and if they can’t understand that, then they can just go screw themselves.

Pretty much. I’ve been part of this guild for a year and a half. In that time I’ve pushed myself out of comfort zones for new members so much. I did everything but run events, because I have severe social anxiety and cannot handle that sort of pressure.

Two members who have been active in the guild less than I have were made officers. And that’s fine, I’m happy for one of them. She’s a sweetheart. But the guild leader’s main character is also dating her’s. So I wonder if that had a role to play in it.

Despite how much energy Iv’arri put into trying to help Vannik in every way, she was still ultimately pushed out of being his primary doctor in favor of the girl the guild leader is dating IC. The excuse was that I wasn’t on as much because I was in school. When I raised a fuss, it was decided that they’d share responsibility. That gradually kind of disappeared.

And then the other doctor’s player tells me that her character and the guild leader, Vannik, hooked up. HMMMM. Really feels like I got shoved out of the RP so he could get some cyber tail, as it were.